Monday, 15 December 2014

Hellllooo people ! i m so excited to finally start my blogging journey today after thinking since so loong. Hope u all like it .

Like everyone,  I am also  travelling since childhood which used to be the family tours or the religious tours but I used to love them for the sake of travelling & visiting new places. which later on continued in the form of school trips further converting into study or site visit tours in architecture . Hence, it became more of an obsession for me.
From the last few trips I have been travelling in a group of 2-3 and the last one being a solo travel which offers various advantages than travelling in a larger group. Though each plant has its own flowers and thorns, likewise, there are perks as well as some mishaps in group travel.

Nowadays, making trips is not just a normal travelling for me but a challenge to complete it in limited budget avoiding unnecessary luxury travel plus to explore and capture as much as possible by engaging with locals and other travelers around to know their culture and lifestyle better.
It’s a totally alien feeling which can be only gulped if you travel a lot into different parts having amazingly poles apart cultures. 

I m always overwhelmed by the response I get When I return from a trip, on one hand where some of my friends have been forcing me to share my thoughts and to write about my trip experiences , then, on the other hand, few appreciate me about how well I did the solo travel and that its not an easy job which everyone can do. People tend to keep asking me about their queries about how I manage to travel in a budget being a student & how can they start with the same too which motivates me for my further escapades.

So here are some points I would like to share to remember before and during your travel :-
  • Think  of a place & explore :
When you plan to travel first think about the place and the number of days you have to spend there along with the the budget available.

Once you finalize the location you are travelling to,  explore the places to visit there through  net , blogs , various travelling sites , talking to a local , or the friends who have visited there before you after which you can decide the number of days you will need . 

Don’t just depend on the study done online as many-a-times its not relevant and could be half correct too. While you arrive at the venue, interact with locals & the people around to know the interesting places and also the local events happening around. They are always a visual treats and enrich oneself culturally. 
  • Deciding the medium/class you want to take for travel :
There is probably very little that will shape your travelling experience on the Indian Railways as the class you decide to travel by. One could travel from Delhi to Mumbai for as little as INR 275 in the unreserved coaches of the Firozpur Janata Express, as well as pay fifteen times that amount (INR 4,135) travelling by First AC Sleeper in the Mumbai Rajdhani Express.  So doing a little homework before making the reservations doesn’t hurt much.

There is far more "life" in the Sleeper Class coaches when compared with the average AC coach. I find ac class very boring & prefer to travel in sleeper class if the weather permits as 1 could see the lifestyle of the common man and the much more happening around stories in the sleeper class.

One can just look out of the window and it appears as if the live movie is on from a wide gamut of scenes of  lush green fields, a deserted station, raindrops streaming down the window pane, a hawker scourging the crowd to find his next prospective buyer to goodbye kisses & welcome home hugs- an atmosphere charged with human emotions.
  •  Local travel :
Always try your best to take shared autos and taxis  instead of hiring private taxi’s / cabs. Apart from that it is cheap and safe, it opens to its users the possibility of meeting other people and it becomes a medium of inter-social encounters across all boundaries of social, ethnic and other types of affiliation.

  •  Accommodation parameters :

Instead of looking for a 3-4 star or a luxurious hotel , look for a room with basic necessities as when u are travelling you are out for a whole day and you just need a place to sleep and bath and you can save a lot of green in stay . Don’t book online rooms beforehand as you have more options when you look out for hotels personally and also can bargain for prices .

Hotels are fun and even cheap hotels have their charm but sometimes, you have to dig deeper. Indian hospitality is justifiably famous and to really get to know the culture of a place- you have to stay with an Indian family.Staying with a local family while travelling is a very culturally rich experience and will separate you from the likes of high maintenance and normal travellers .
  • Safety & security:
    ØLook around:
Note your surroundings. You can even be friendly. The more you look like you know exactly what you're doing (even if you don't), the less your target will show. Be confident about everything. It surely helps. Makes you less of a prone victim for any mishap.

    ØTrust your instincts :
 If a situation just doesn't seem right to you, it probably isn't.

               ØGain knowledge about your destination
Learn about the local customs, including those around appropriate dress, as well as some key phrases in the local language so that you can communicate in the most basic way. Learning about your destination will make you more aware of risks, help you to be better prepared to deal with emergencies that may occur, and will make your trip a lot easier in general.

               Ø Proper Homework and documentation :
Scan your travel documents as well as photocopy them. Carry your documents when you are out especially I-card , address of where you are staying and most important contact numbers. A diary in which your name, phone number, your permanent address and the contact details of your closed ones can also be a lot of help as there are many-a-times quite generous people around too which can be of  great help if you lose something important.

  • Capturing Moments:

Its not necessary to carry big cameras while you travel. I personally prefer phone cameras are better and offer various advantages as compare to dslrs.

The obvious main advantage of using the phone as a travel camera is   how convenient it is. Not only it is small and lightweight, it is discreet and always at the ready go mode. It’s easy to sneak a phone into places where you can’t take photos. Also its less of a tiresome job to carry dslrs everywhere.

It also makes post-processing, from cropping, and correction, to filters, a matter of tapping the screen, with apps like PowerCam, Instagram, Hipstamatic and  Pixlr Express . The Phone might not take great travel photos, but you can definitely make its crappy photos look great!

“For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for  travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.”
                                                          – Robert Louis Stevenson

So people just follow your heart, move out of your homes and boring workplaces as this world is very beautiful and you will never get tired of exploring. 

Happy & safe travelling. 



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  4. Finally it is here ! The info is just apt for a newbie traveler. I kinda agree to disagree about the DSLR part because I can carry a few clothes less to carry my bulky camera everywhere I go. It is great start, keep writing and all the best. Loved your style of writing.

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